Live With Purpose is a digital 10-day meditation journey for all levels of experience that will explore the true self. It was created for Lauren Toyota’s, Live With Purpose, plant-based retreat hosted by The Getaway Co in Bali. Together, Natalie and Lauren wanted to make the meditation program being offered in the exclusive Bali experience accessible worldwide.

Each day of this program presents a focused intention and theme building towards your path to Live With Purpose. Lauren shares personal insights and lessons while Natalie guides the themed meditations (mp3) . You will also receive a self discovery workbook (pdf) offering daily journal exercises.

Day 1: Awareness

Day 2: Connection

Day 3: Grounding

Day 4: Being

Day 5: Visualization

Day 6: Transformation

Day 7: Power

Day 8: Trust

Day 9: Gratitude

Day 10: Loving Kindness

Enjoy the journey!

Lots of love,

Natalie & Lauren

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