Hey there! It’s Natalie

My heart is full with the pleasure of meeting you here. My passion is to spread meditation at the home front, in the workplace and in purpose to reignite inspiration for everyday life. I am eager to share my knowledge to help identify a meditation style that works for every individual and to find the dedication to allow meditation to be an integral part to connecting to presence in every moment of every day.

Natalie Matias co-founded and has led an intimate local meditation group for women entrepreneurs and creatives, the Peace Warriors, since 2014. Natalie’s purpose is in the element of sharing and guiding others to connection, purpose, inspiration, appreciation and happiness. It is a path that started in her youth experiencing the loss of both parents to dis-ease and dis-connect to a heatlhy life-work balance. It is in these life changing experiences that has led Natalie to share meditation in the workplace, at home and in life passions.

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Natalie's unique mix in experience with a business background and working in media creatively gives Natalie the versatility to offer a full range of creative offerings for any type of event hoping to communicate purpose and wellness. Natalie’s warm and inviting presence has led to success in introducing meditation to work offices and contributing to positive work cultures. Her one on one meditation coaching style allows her clients to find achievement in what can be considered as unachievable to some. Her warmth and heart also extends into providing this valuable tool to youth in the TDSB and Summer Youth Programs. She started her roots at the Misfit Studio in Toronto and spread her mediation love across studios in Toronto. She is a Certified Facilitator in the Mindfulness Without Borders Program for Youth and the Workplace. Natalie continues to expand her knowledge and expertise with courses offered by leading meditation and mindfulness organizations.