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Do you carry the stress of managing a team of people? In your day to day are you required to take on the tasks of more than one role and left with anxiety not feeling ? 

Learn how to lead your team and manage all your expectations from a place of feeling composed in this 6 Week Mindfulness Course. Research has shown the **Work Mindfulness Without Borders Course demonstrates:

  • Better Employee Performance

  • Improved Attitudes and Behaviours

  • Reduced Anxiety and Negative Emotions

  • Reduced Distress and Depression

  • Increased Job Distraction

The 6 Week Course Outline Includes:

  1. Exploring Mindfulness

  2. Mind & Body Connection

  3. Noticing Emotional Triggers

  4. Practicing Gratitude

  5. Open-Mindedness

  6. Handling Conflict Skillfully

The Leadershift program's advantage is that you don't have to leave your office or your desk. Simply block the time off in your calendar to participate in the one hour weekly session via Zoom once a week on Tuesdays 130pm ET starting April 2, 2019. Conflict in scheduling? We have your back! All sessions are recorded and sent to your inbox for you to work through on your own time.

$300 Early Bird Registration Ends March 20
$350 Regular Leadershift Program Registration Ends March 31
*Receive an additional $25 off your registration for any registered referrals.
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**MWB's program is known integration into the York Regional Police eventually becoming part of their Police Acadamy Training and at the Hamilton Health Sciences.

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