One of Natalie's passions in life is to continue spreading LOVE into this world. She continues this journey through her work and enjoyment in providing beauty and presence for the Day of Love  also known as the,"Wedding Day."



Beyond Natalie's makeup artistry of over 15 years her innate ability to offer CALM on a big day. In addition, her instinctual strength creates the perfect interpretation of a desired look that brings to life all the natural beauty in her clients. As a little offering of appreciation everyone part of the bridal part is gifted a touch-up kit including blot papers, eye clean up qtips and a sample lip touch up color



Seeking to find BALANCE  for the love and money generated from "Love Days" Natalie set a pathway to transfer the energy of love and resources by creating "Bride to Bride." 10% of all Love Day Revenue is donated in support of charities that create new opportunities for child brides of developing countries. Every bride and day of love has created a ripple effect of love across oceans.

Natalie's life long commitment to spreading love elevated into offering a DEEPER CONNECTION for beings when she was called to perform a ceremony in love. Alongside her work with the Peace Warriors she has been honored to hold space for lovers of love performing union ceremonies connecting their love in spirit and soul on this place on earth.