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Goddess Pouch Workshop

"What you seek, is seeking You" - Rumi

April 28th

12pm - 2pm 

Upstairs in the Anice Apartment 

$80 (Value of $150)

Goddess Handcrafting Session includes; 

Leather Pouch  

Sterling Silver Charm Pendant 

Downloadable Meditation 

12pm - 12:30 - Guided Soundbath Meditation to ground. 

12:30 - 1:30pm - Mindful Connection through Hand Sewing and Intuitive Selection of Goddess Charm

1:30 - 2:00pm - Closing Circle and Intention Writing 

The Goddess Amulet Meanings 

The Goddess - celebrating womanhood, the female body and inner beauty. 

The Feet - grounding ones energy, bringing strength and encouragement to be present. 

The Goddess Sisters - promoting sisterhood and togetherness. 

The Script - meaning female power and strength. 

The House - representing community and unity. 

*all goddess pendants are meant to celebrate sisterhood and female energy, and when worn are said to bring good fortune to the wearer 

*We will have them each in their own dish displayed with their meaning printed out so people can choose accordingly. 

Early Bird Special until April 14th 

< B.Y.O.B Bring your own Buddy $65 ea. >

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